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The title of this is probably deceiving because today I’m going to be writing about TEMPTATIONS treats! I actually had a bag of TEMPTATIONS treats (the ocean flavor) sitting in our kitty cabinet when I received a package from Influenster containing a bag of chicken flavored treats and a Snacky Mouse Toy.

unnamed (1)

I was really excited to try this out with my cat because we actually rarely give him treats (which means we rarely actually purchase them) since I don’t want to spoil him too much or make him overweight. Sirius, our 6 month old kitten that I’ll probably write more in another post, loved the cat toy. It took him a few minutes to warm up to it but once he found out there were treats in there he was super excited. We only put 5 treats in there since the instructions say to feed 10-12 treats per every 10 lbs of cat. Since Sirius is roughly 6 lbs right now I only put 5 treats in the toy for him. He then proceeded to outsmart the toy (and I could have probably better adjusted the openings) and managed to get all of the treats out in a few swipes so we had to keep putting a few back so he could continue to have a good time. I will definitely be using this toy for a long time!


We already knew he liked the treats but it was good to find out that he liked another flavor also because I’m weird and I think that it’s important to give my cat variety because he might get bored with the same flavor.

I’m so glad Influester sent me these complimentary products to review because if my kitty is happy then I’m happy too!


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