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London 2014 {Part 2}


I’m so excited to be able to share the second part of my British adventure with you guys. Every time I think about it and look at the pictures I get so happy and excited so it has been great re-living this for you. Also, every place that I mention in this post has got my thumbs up – London is pricey but so worth it!


^This was an art installation called Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at the Tower of London which marked one hundred years since the first day of Britain’s involvement in WWI. Each poppy represented a British military fatality.


On the 23rd we did more sightseeing, including but not limited to: the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Millennium Bridge (yay Harry Potter!), Globe Theatre, the Thames and seeing a magician close to the Covent Garden area. The Tower of London was super interesting from a historical standpoint and also that’s where all the crown jewel’s are kept which was amazing to see! Our guide was funny and actually a retired officer from the military that lives on the premises.


^The Globe Theater^

We walked so much during this whole trip, so much in fact that even with all of the delicious food we consumed I ended up losing weight. Obviously I need to vacation more often! And while I totally forgot to get sand from the Thames to have in our collection we did put our feet in for a second just because we could (and we’re still healthy and alive).


The previous day we made a last minute decision to visit Oxford, England since it was:

  1. Where C.S. Lewis lived and taught and he is one of Carson’s favorite author’s
  2. The place where the Inklings were based.
  3. Famous


We did a walking tour of Oxford based on C.S. Lewis’ life that we found online and ate dinner at the Eagle and the Child where the Inklings met. It’s a really neat pub that actually is more narrow than wide and we ate in the very back where the pub actually has a greenhouse-ish attachment. The food was delicious! And all of the places we visited felt like there were straight out of books – I really wanted to apply to one (or all) of the colleges we saw.



^This is the tree from the 4th Harry Potter movie when Malfoy gets turned into a ferret!

The following day we were back in London and making our last trips – the first of which was to Kings Cross station so that I could go to Hogwarts!


It was raining our entire last day there and guess who was a genius and didn’t bring waterproof shoes to England? This gal. So my feet were freezing and soaked but that did not stop me! After Kings Cross we had afternoon tea at this adorable tea shop and it was wonderful. 844

We ended up taking a walk through St.James Park to see the swans and then made our way to see rainy classic Big Ben and then found the pub (sort of) from the movie The World’s End that ended up being a hard rock bar. On the upside: we found the most delicious cider in the universe – sadly it’s only available in 3 states here.

889What has been your most memorable vacation/trip?


  1. Most memorable trip is easily my Honeymoon in Bordeaux France. We ran the Marathon du Medoc, which has 20 wine stops instead of water stops. Without a doubt the most fun you can have running, and doing it step for step with the love of my life made it extra special!


    • That sounds amazing! So glad that you were able to have that special time with your wife. France is definitely high on my list of countries to visit next.


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