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Easter Weekend

He is risen by buenavidablog, via Flickr LOVE this free printable!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and especially your Easter. Thankfully I didn’t have work today either so I get a very nice extended weekend – if cleaning the house and laundry count as part of the weekend!

Friday after work Carson and I decided to have an impromptu date night and check out a new location of one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in the area – Chopstix. I enjoyed the food (no surprise there) but I was disappointed by the new location which ended up being in a warehouse type location. And it wasn’t bad…I just didn’t like that it was in one large room with tables set up and chandeliers. Oh well, we have a closer one to us anyway. After dinner we decided to go to the movies and while I was leaning towards Fast and Furious 7 Carson convinced me to see Home. And let me tell you – I loved it. It was funny, and cute and heartwarming and heartbreaking all in one movie. I swear, sometimes I don’t understand why people think animated movies are only for kids. But really, go see it!

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The newest addition to the family – a baby colt!

Saturday was spent cleaning and watching the last two episodes of Prison Break. I was pretty pleased with the end of the season and I don’t want to give anything away but I was also so relieved that it was finally over. The first 10 episodes of the first season was interesting and then season 2 and 3 were interesting and season 4 dragged again until the end. After I got home from work we ended up hanging out with our neighbors until 12:30am. We called it a night at that point.

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Sunday morning had us getting up at 7 (eek!) for church. It was a nice service but next year I definitely want to try to attend a sunrise service (possibly with my boyfriends family). After church it was off to my parents for breakfast and Easter baskets! We took some time to re-organize after breakfast and then headed to my Aunt’s house for our extended family Easter. It is always so nice to get together with all of the cousins and now there are a lot of boyfriends, girlfriends and fiances in the family too!


There was lots of delicious food, an Easter egg hunt (guys vs girls and girls won!), and wiffel ball and a search for a $20 bill in the house…I have yet to find it first.


Bonus: my aunt lives on a beautiful farm and Easter time is right around the time that a lot of their colts and foals are born (not to mention kittens!).


The mama cat and the 4 day old kittens, sh was too protective still so we couldn’t hold them but they’re still adorable.


Hope you had a great weekend! Do you have a favorite Easter tradition?

IMG_2012I’m linking up with B Loved Boston and Champagne and Suburbs for Weekending!


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