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Best Friends…Forever?

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Let’s pretend like I didn’t totally fail and posted this on Friday instead of early on Saturday morning…and that I also did a post on Wednesday! This week got the better of me since I didn’t arrive home from Florida until Wednesday evening and then had a bunch of stuff to do and since then it’s been work/social engagements non-stop.  But I promise I will do a better job of at least scheduling my posts from here on out.

And tonight I’d like to talk write about a topic that has been making me a little bit (okay a lot) sad lately. As you can guess it revolves around the special people in our lives that we call our best friends. Through out life I have had a lot of friends but only a few best friends because I feel like while I am quick to know if I think this person across from me is awesome and I want to be awesome with them, often I have a difficult time finding that being reciprocated…if only because I am too quiet to speak up about it and hope that the person will somehow figure it out telepathically (because I promise I am awesome).

Most of my best friends actually originate from middle school which was the first chance that I had to really get to know people and for them to get to know me. These friends have been there with me for the past 13 years of my life, through the good times and the bad and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. But as I am growing older, and growing up, so are they and I am now more than ever getting the feeling that we are also growing apart and while that is painful I also feel like it is natural and that it is probably over due.

Let me explain. When we met we were children and we had a lot in common: we had classes together, we did after school activities together, we went to the movies and had sleepovers, shared books etc. But as time has gone on I feel like some of my best friends have become people that drag me down more than they help and uplift me. This has taken me a really long time (my parents were trying to make me see this in high school) to admit because it is so painful. Don’t get me wrong – I love these people with all of my heart but at some point they started to feel more like an obligation than a true joy because I felt like I had to put in extra effort to appease them in almost all situations.

I’m currently unable to completely cut off all ties with them but I’m also not going out of my way to scheduled girl’s nights with them either.

Have you ever experienced this? What did you decide to do about the friendship? I hope you have a great weekend and check back on Monday for a new post!


  1. It is rough. It will break your heart, but sometimes it’s for the best. My best friend and I met in middle school, lost each other later on, tried to force it, and split even more. It wasn’t until we allowed ourselves to split completely and experience life as passing acquaintances that we found out who we were supposed to be as best friends again. Now the friendship is a lot less strained on both sides.


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