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Because squeezing into skinny jeans on a Monday is just . . . ugh.

Hi everyone! This weekend started off strong and just kept going!

Canon Dec 14-April 15 1694

Friday evening I worked till 7:30 and then came home to spend time with my boyfriends parents who were visiting the area for their anniversary. We had a great time – ordered a bunch of sushi, played a game, talked a lot and I was even able to sneak a little reading in (thank goodness for people who completely understand being obsessed with reading).

Aunt Carol and I Carson and I Emery

^Ignore the terrible phone quality pictures but even that can’t hide my cousin’s cuteness!^

Saturday morning started rough with me turning off my alarm for work (oops) and getting to work 35 minutes late. Thankfully it was actually a super slow Saturday so the late start to the day didn’t make much of a difference. We have a new person at work also which is great because that means that I can actually take off sometime when she learns the ropes! After work I had a family gathering for a cousin of mine who is battling cancer and was visiting us from New York and also for a baby cousin who was visiting us from California. It was really nice to be able to see everyone and especially my two cousins – family is truly a wonderful thing and I am very blessed in that department.


Sunday meant church and Game of Thrones day! We actually got there surprisingly on time this Sunday. It was a great service and really made me consider what it is that I want out of life and focus on the big picture which was a nice change from my constant obsession with the moment and what I want from life right now. After church we visited our friend Mary and then headed back home so that I could drop off bridal shower gifts for a friend of mine (check her out at To Travel and Beyond) and had a nice time catching up. On my way home I purchased a bunch of flowers for the garden also and am now super excited to fully get into that project! I also washed the windows on the house today which felt great – it really helps to be able to see clean windows instead of grime! In the evening I headed over to another friends house to watch the first and second episode of Game of Thrones (since I missed the first episode last week) and eek! So excited that the show is back and we can again start following the story lines of my favorite characters.

Did you get any projects accomplished this weekend or do anything exciting? Let me know! I’m linking up with B Loved Boston and Champagne and Suburbs for Weekending.


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