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The Cat Behind The Blog

"What greater gift than the love of a cat." -- Charles Dickens. OHhhh-- LOVE!!

I’m so excited to do today’s post because one of the greatest joys in my life is my cat! So yes, I am a crazy cat lady and I am perfectly fine with it. To demonstrate: I almost cried when I left for Florida two weeks ago because I didn’t want to leave Sirius by himself for almost an entire week.

Cat in a box

Now to introduce my baby: his name is Sirius Black (please tell me you know who that is because so many people say “oh, like Sirius radio?”) And in case you don’t get the reference – Sirius Black is a character (my favorite) from Harry Potter.

Photo Apr 22, 1 05 10 PM

He is now 7 months old (ah! I can’t believe it, he is growing so fast) and we adopted him from the SPCA when he was 3 months old (December). It was actually a funny story because he was meant to be my Christmas present and Carson took me to the mall and told me that he found this great pair of shoes that he wanted to get me (que the dread because this man can barely dress himself). It just so happens that there is a shoe store right next to the SPCA space in our mall so he let me right to it and said that while we were there we might as well look at some cats. There weren’t many kittens but we picked out Sirius and asked if we could play with him. He immediately was purring and playing and cuddling with us and won our hears in like 5 seconds flat. It also turned out that a family had just tried to adopt him and their landlord said that they weren’t allowed to have animals (yay us!). Our landlord didn’t have a problem with animals so we brought him home that day and Carson put wrapping paper on him on Christmas Day.


Since then it has been a whirlwind of cuddles, purring, crazy cat antics and a lot of love. His name is actually ironic since he is a very silly kitty – he often chases his tail, falls off the bed or other surface accidentally and has wars with plastic bags as well as steals all of my hair ties and carries them around.

Photo Apr 06, 7 02 14 PM

There have been a few bad cat moments – like the time he jumped on a table and knocked off a vase or the time he decided that toilet paper was this awesome thing for him to steal and claw to shreds. But mostly he has filled the house with a lot of joy and laughter. We have started to take him for walks also so that he gets more exercise and gets used to the outdoors more and we also thought it was a good idea to start taking him in the car with us so he gets acclimated to for when and if we move.Photo Apr 08, 1 42 39 PM

Also, here’s a great article on 14 Ways Your Cat Improves Your Health!

Photo Mar 23, 5 37 38 PM

La vita 'con' e 'senza' la compagnia di un #gatto (io avevo una #chihuahua che faceva quasi le stesse cose!). :-)

Do you have any pets? I’d love to hear about them!

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