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Hopes and Plans: May

I'm so excited for May. Lots of great new adventures await!!!

First let’s see what I accomplished (or didn’t) in April:

1. Set up a flower garden in the front of our house. There was frost on the ground this morning so I think I still have a week or two of waiting for appropriate weather. Done! Well, the bigger half of the front of the house is done and I’m taking it one step at a time.


2. Visit/meet Carson’s grandmother in Florida. Done! I am so thankful that we were able to visit her and the rest of Carson’s family. I never met any of my grandparents so this really meant a lot to me too.

3. Work 3 days a week at my new part time job – so far I’ve worked sporadically but I really need to get into a set schedule. Kind of? I’m still not exactly on a set schedule.

4. Attend the gym 3 times a week. I haven’t been in forever and I better get the most out of my gym membership while it lasts! Also the Bikini Series on ToneItUp is starting soon so I better prepare! Also kind of. I’ve been doing a lot of strength workouts at home from the Beach Babe DVD’s and the online workouts that they post and have gone to the gym a few times since I’m weird and that’s the only place I like to run but not as much as I have wanted to.

5. Finish my closet organization – I still need to switch over my wardrobe (as well as Carson’s) to the warmer weather and find a good way to store the rest. I did not get almost anything in this area accomplished but there’s always next month…

6. Have a girls night (or two!) for some fun and relaxation. We had one girls nights for GOT but the second one had to be postponed because my co-worker is in the hospital and I had to pick up his shift.

7. Attend my friends Bridal Brunch (so excited!) Sadly I was unable to do this because my cousin was visiting from New York and there was a last minute family get together that happened on the same day.

8. Get more photography practice with my wonderful camera – I’m hoping to get a better grip on all of the manual setting since I hear that’s how you get the best pictures and I’m currently confused by most of them. I’ve been practicing but not nearly as much as I’d like to – it is so easy to turn on the Automatic settings!

9. Post on this blog 3 times a week. This shouldn’t be too difficult since I have a lot of post ideas lined up just waiting to be written. Yes!

10. Spend my quality time with Carson and my parents. My parent’s and I are still adjusting to not seeing each other all of the time due to me being out of the house and all of us having busy schedules so quality time is a must. I’ve also done really well with this this month.

And now for some new goals for May:

1. Continue reading – I read several books this past month and it felt really great because I am a huge book nerd at heart.

2. Watch some good movies: some that are on the list include Avengers: Age of Ultron, Divergent, Insurgent and Furious 7.

3. Eat healthier – I think exercise is only half the battle and I love junk food so much that this is a huge struggle for me.

4. Figure out what Carson and I are going to be doing over the next few months. Our lease is up so we’re paying month to month now and have considered moving to Vermont for a few months and then to Florida for a few months to save up some money but nothing is set in stone yet.

I’m linking up with Marry Mint for Hopes and Plans.

Hopes and Plans

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