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Product Review: Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask


More than half of my life has been spent battling acne and oily skin so I am constantly on the lookout for new products that work for my skin. I’ve actually been on the lookout for a good mask that I can use occasionally since the ones I’ve had before have been kind of disappointing in one way or another so I was really excited to try out this mask.

This mask is formulated with Dead Sea Minerals, Aloe vera, and Vitamin C and is for all skin types. It claims to “boost cell renewal and revitalizes your skin, while tightening your pores.” The directions say to apply a thin layer onto clean skin. Leave for 10-20 minutes or until dries and rinse off with lukewarm water.





Immediately After:


The Morning After:


Overall I really liked this mask – it was a good consistency that was easy to apply and also easy to remove with just lukewarm water which is awesome because I’ve tried other masks that required the use of a large amount of toner or astringent to get off. I also love all of the natural ingredients in this and it definitely made my skin feel smoother, less oily and reduced the acne that I had over night.

If you’re interested in purchasing this mask it is available on Amazon!

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