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Five Things That My Mother Taught Me

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In honor of Mother’s Day yesterday and my mom’s birthday today I thought it would be a great time to jump back into Blog Everyday in May and share some of the things that my mom has taught me over the past 15 years.

Why only 15 years you ask? Because I was adopted at the age of 8 by my wonderful parents, but that’s a topic for another post.

My mother is an amazing and inspiring woman that I am truly blessed to call my mom and she has taught me the most important things in life and also the most mundane but extremely useful things as well. Here are just a few of those things:

Photo May 10, 5 03 36 PM

1. What Unconditional Love Is.

When I met my parents, and my mother in particular, I was a child that had been left alone in the world and believed that was the way it was always going to be. I got into the habit of asking my parents “who loves me?” because I was so insecure about the permanence of love. But over the past 15 years my mother has always responded “I love you” and shown me that she loves me on my good days and on my bad days.

Photo May 10, 9 21 53 AM

2. How to Laugh.

When I arrived in America I was described by my aunt as a “somber” child…which seems like an oxymoron but also fitting for my situation. My mom tangoed across the kitchen with me, danced around to David Gray while wearing funny hats with me, and tickled me until I remembered how to laugh again.


3. How to Say Please and Thank You.

I had a cousin who ran an etiquette school that I attended (is that weird?) … now do I remember everything from that experience? No, and really I almost never find myself in a situation where I need those skills but it is ingrained in me to always say please and thank you to everyone for everything. And people actually really notice and appreciate it!

Photo May 11, 3 41 08 PM

4. How to Be a Good Friend.

My mother has set a wonderful example of being a good friend for me – in our own relationship and her relationship with others. I am so lucky that my mom has become my best friend (even though I’m pretty sure my 14 year old self would die of disbelief if she were to know).

Photo May 11, 3 42 46 PM

5. How to fold a fitted sheet. 

On a more lighthearted note – my mom is a master of folding fitted sheets and she has taught me her ways. Now, I’m not nearly as good as she is but there is hope for me yet.

What are some things that your mother taught you?

Found Love. Now What?


    • Thank you! Maybe I’ll have her help me do a tutorial on folding a fitted sheet haha it’s a useful skill!


  1. Your mother sounds like an amazing woman! What a sweet post to her. I lost my mom almost 11 years ago but I think the biggest thing I learned was to live, enjoy and appreciate every day with your loved ones – life is so, so short!


    • She definitely is and I am very lucky to have her. I’m sorry for your loss but those are some amazing things that your mom taught you!


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