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Tips for Getting Rid of A Migraine

But coming out of it and feeling like you can conquer anything now that you've conquered that!

While I am no expert on migraines (well…does suffering from them for the last 15 years count?) I have learned a lot about how to deal and get rid of them. I know I’m not the only one out there that suffers from these debilitating things so I thought I’d share some of what I’ve learned. And if you’re one of those lucky people that has never had a migraine – thank the gods because they are just the most excruciating pain ever.

And it’s usually not enough that there is a very large person in your head pounding on your skull to get out. There is also usually a lot of sensitivity to light and noise also.

So without further ado here are my tips to getting rid of a migraine:

1. Take your favorite pain medication! I prefer Advil but Ibuprofen will do also. When I have a migraine I generally go for 3 pills right away because I have built up a tolerance but if two does it for you then I would recommend just doing that. It does normally take 15 to 30 minutes for pain medication to kick in so in the mean time…

2. Turn off the lights and anything that’s making noise! It’s really important to create a very quiet and dark environment for your brain to recover in. Sometimes I turn off the lights in my room, close the door, all of the blinds, hide under the covers and stick my head under a pillow or two and try to relax as much as possible.

3. Hydrate! Drink some water, or try your best to at least. You can also (or in addition) take a nice bath which will also hydrate your body. I sometimes get migraines from being dehydrated so this really helps in those cases.

4. While you’re at it put some water on your head! No, don’t dump a bucket of water on yourself, a damp washcloth or towel will do – just something cool to calm your pounding head.

5. Get some caffeine! Have some soda, an energy drink or even tea. Caffeine is often in super strength migraine pills because it constricts blood vessels and helps the body to absorb headache medicine faster.

6. Sleep. This is the perfect way to give your body time to rest and recover so that you can wake up migraine free.

7. You may sometimes get sick and that actually might make you feel a lot better. But if it happens you may need to take more medicine and eat/drink something again.

Do you have another tips and tricks for getting rid of migraines that I didn’t mention?

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