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Hopes and Plans: June

Welcome to the first day of summer! What's your favorite thing about this season? #FoodSaver #Summer #Quotes

Hello everyone!! I can’t believe that we are officially halfway through the year already – that is just crazy. But that also means that we are only 6 months away from my favorite holiday! This past month was pretty huge for us because we’ve been making a lot of decisions that will affect us for roughly the next year. But first, let’s go over my May hopes and plans:

1. Continue reading – I read several books this past month and it felt really great because I am a huge book nerd at heart. – Yes! So excited that I was able to read several more books this month that I will be talking about soon.

2. Watch some good movies: some that are on the list include Avengers: Age of Ultron, Divergent, Insurgent and Furious 7. – Mostly yes! I saw Avengers and Divergent already and am seeing Insurgent tonight! Mad Max kind of popped in randomly as one of my new favorite movies also. Still need to see Furious 7 though.

3. Eat healthier – I think exercise is only half the battle and I love junk food so much that this is a huge struggle for me. – Somewhat, still a constant struggle but I’ve been doing a little better recently.

4. Figure out what Carson and I are going to be doing over the next few months. Our lease is up so we’re paying month to month now and have considered moving to Vermont for a few months and then to Florida for a few months to save up some money but nothing is set in stone yet. – Yes! We are officially moving to Vermont for 2 months, coming back to Maryland for a month for one of our friends weddings and then moving to Florida for 2 months. All of those months will mean that we are rent free and I am so excited about that! I gave my two weeks (okay it was more like a month) notice and my last day at IKEA will be on the 15th of June (keep an eye on for a hilarious post about that topic soon).

And I feel like there is so much to be done in the next month before we move so here are my hopes and plans for June:

1. Visit with family and friends one last time for a few months. I feel like there are so many people that are on our list to see before we leave – we better start tonight!!

2. Inquire about a paid or volunteer position at the library in Rutland. Sadly, I still need money one way or another.

3. Attend our friends wedding! We are so excited about this and for the happy couple getting married this month!

4. Continue reading. Now that I feel like I’m on a roll this is great and I’ll hopefully read 3-4 more books this month.

5. Figure out or storage/packing/driving situation. We’re not sure still if we’re going to rent a storage unit or try to store some things at my parents house, and maybe some things at our friends house and then sell some things. We’re also not sure if we’re just taking one car or both cars (I’m secretly hoping for one car because I really don’t want to drive 10 hours by myself).

6. Continue exercising every day in one way or another. I feel like if I’m lazy one day then I make excuses for the following days so no more of that!

7. Do more research on graduate schools. I’ve always know that I was going to grad school because obviously a Sociology degree isn’t getting me anywhere but before the last few months I’ve had my heart set on social work. Now I’m being more honest with myself and admitting that my personality really wouldn’t be a good fit for social work – only because I feel like I am overly sensitive and tend to take on others peoples emotions and problems easily to my own detriment. So now I’m looking into school guidance because I still have a heart that wants to help but just in a less intense environment (sometimes).

What are some of your plans for this coming month?

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Hopes and Plans


  1. Love the idea of doing monthly goals/plans! One of mine for the year was to read more, too and it has been so great – I’m definitely a nerd at heart as well!


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