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My Bookshelf {May}

The 30 Best Places to be if you LOVE books - Basically I want to go to all of them.

So despite my excitement over last months reading accomplishments I didn’t start reading right away this month but I still managed to read a few book and it seems to be the month of Sarah Dessen:

1. Dreamland – Sarah Dessen {3 Stars}

This was a re-read for me but it’s been such a long time that I figured it wouldn’t hurt. I’ve always enjoyed Sarah Dessen’s books but this is the only one that I really remember being bothered by simply due to the content that it dealth with. I remembered almost nothing of the plot except for the main part – (this is kind of a spoiler) where the main characters boyfriend turns out to be abusive. It was also difficult to read it for the obvious reasons and frustrating because as the reader we oblivious that it was infuriating. Overall this book did a good job of describing an abusive relationship and how people in those relationships feel and act. (I only know this because of the several classes I’ve taken on such subjects).

2. That Summer – Sarah Dessen {2 Stars}

This was probably my least favorite of her books…I kind of felt like it didn’t have much of a point. Which I feel terrible about because generally I like almost every book that I read in one way or another and it wasn’t horrible but it didn’t really have anything that would make it worth recommending.

3. Keeping the Moon – Sarah Dessen {Four Stars}

This one started off slow but was a really good “coming of age and finding yourself” story. And bonus: it takes place in a beach town and made me dream of going to the beach!

Someone Like You

4. Someone Like You – Sarah Dessen {4.5 Stars}

This was my favorite book out of the batch. It but probably not as good as The Truth About Forever or Just Listen, but still really good. It made me laugh and cry and I loved that while there was a boy in the story that wasn’t the absolute focus of the story which was refreshing. It was also great that the actual focus was friendship and that everything else that was going on revolved around that.

Now that I’ve done the recap it doesn’t seem like a lot of books but since I was only working on reading one book a month last year I’m feeling pretty good! What was your favorite book that you read this past month?

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    • They are very obviously “YA” books but I think they’re worth a read even if we’re past that stage of life. And I totally didn’t know about the no-reply thing – fixing it as we speak. Thanks for letting me know.


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