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The One Who Got Away

A while back one of my exes contacted me and told me that I was “the one that got away”. Now, this is one of those exes that you look back on and ask yourself what were you thinking to begin with so this really came out of left field.

I already thought that the idea of the one who got away was ridiculous but coming from a boy I dated for 2 months several years ago made it even more so. Now, I know that people make mistakes, and I’m personally really good at that, but I don’t think you can use a cliche to excuse your behavior. Sometimes there are also circumstances that are beyond our control that happen – but that’s life. And in those situations I feel like if it doesn’t work out then that just simply means it wasn’t meant to be (usually).

Also, I think that the idea of the one who got away may indicate that there is only one person out there for you and that you messed things up with them. I think that there may be only one true love of your life but that there are many people that you can love and be compatible with in the world if you manage to find them.

Do you believe in “the one that got away”?


  1. Oh man. How are you supposed to respond to that?! I don’t think I believe in the ‘one that got away’ because I really believe everything works out the way it was supposed to. We end up with who we’re meant to end up with!


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