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Weekending + Last Day!

So sorry that I missed posting on Friday and Monday – time ran away from me as I was running around working and getting ready for different things! So today I’m going to be playing catch up.

Friday evening we attempted to go see Jurassic World but sadly we weren’t able to because the overflow parking for our theater is being turned into a restaurant. We drove around for 15 minutes trying to find a parking space (joining at least 30 other people doing the same thing) and eventually gave up because I had work the next morning and we missed the only show time that we could go to. But that gave us a chance to go home and rent Jurassic Park because I actually have never watched it before! It help up pretty well for a movie that was made when I was 1 but I couldn’t hold back my comments of “Why on earth would you bring back dinosaurs?! Especially the mean ones?!”


Saturday was spent at work again (my last weekend working at IKEA!) and Saturday afternoon Carson and I went to the Buccaneer Bash in Havre De Grace which benefited a local museum. It was a lot of fun to dress up and there was a lot of delicious food and drinks as well as activities the whole night! A lot of my family came also which was great because I probably won’t be able to see them again until we come back to Maryland in August. This also gave me an opportunity to hear all about my cousin’s engagement and look at all of her pictures from Disney World (so exciting!)


Sunday was the day we celebrated my father’s birthday (his actual birthday was yesterday, Monday). He wanted to go up to our other house by the water and go kayaking and swimming – it was so hot but we got a few good hours in on the water. Then we were off to dinner in Havre De Grace and I was finally able to meet my brother’s new girlfriend – she was super sweet and I hope he doesn’t mess this one up!


Monday was my very last day at IKEA! I can’t actually believe it since I’ve been working there for over a year now and was convinced I would die there but I am so excited to start a new chapter of my life that doesn’t involve working every single weekend! I switched shifts with one of my co-workers so that I could make it to my father’s second birthday dinner with all of my aunts and uncles. I was actually a little bummed out that I was only able to see two of my co-workers and say goodbye but I figured I’d see everyone again when I stopped by to visit. Dinner was delicious as always – one of our favorite places is this Mexican place that has amazing guacamole and margarita’s (yes please!).


Carson had previously told me that Monday evening we had something to do at 10pm so we had to leave dinner early and couldn’t agree to make after dinner plans with my parents. He revealed at dinner that we were going to see the movie Spy at 10pm which I was surprised about because  I think we’ve only talked about that movie once when we saw the previews but I was hopefully because I love Melissa McCarthy. We stopped by the house because we had some time to kill and then around 9:50 I asked if we should leave for the movie but he didn’t seem concerned about getting there on time so we left at 10 and as we get to the end of the road and are slowing down the car starts to shake. And I didn’t think it was a big deal at first because manuals can be testy but it was a little more concerning when it continued to happen – especially since I know that Carson is a very good driver. So after about 10 minutes of car trouble we pull into the TGI Friday’s parking lot so he can check under the hood and he returns says that our friend Jason is inside having dinner and says he can help us.

I knew something was up at this point because what are the chances that these events would all happen at the same time? The world is a small place but not that small! So he takes me inside while I’m telling him it’s going to be rude and awkward to interrupt him at dinner when he leads me up to a table and who is there? My co-workers!!  They had concocted a devious plan to get me here weeks ago and even had my shift switched so that I wasn’t exhausted for my going away gathering and everyone kept it a secret! One of my co-workers who bakes made a recipe that I had sent her a few weeks ago – bananas foster cheesecake! I had a great time and am so thankful for the people I’ve meet while working there.

Sorry for the super long post but thanks for sticking around! I hope you had a great weekend – did you do anything exciting?

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