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Weekending – Wedding and Father’s Day Edition!

At this point, I’m just so ready to be done with packing and planning. I would love to just apparate right over to Vermont and be done with it! But we’ve still got a lot to do here and a lot of people to see before we leave – people are actually coming to look at the apartment on Sunday (eek!). 

This weekend was a busy and fun one. Friday was spent with my mom and I having a bit of a girls day and getting our nails done. This was also the first time since I have been working full time at IKEA that I have been able to get my nails done so I was super excited. The pedicure was heavenly (well…not the part when they scrubbed my ticklish feet and it took all of my willpower not to kick my manicurist in the face..) And somehow they talked me into getting a french manicure despite the fact that I had intended to just do a plain polish…oh well.

Saturday was the day of Macy‘s and Dave’s wedding! In case I haven’t already mentioned this – my father is a notoriously late individual. And so it was no surprise that we were running late to the wedding – we got there literally 5 minutes before the wedding was due to start but thankfully we weren’t the last people to arrive. I’m not sure why that always makes me feel better to know that but it does. The wedding was beautiful and right on the water. I may or may not have teared up during the ceremony.


I’m currently still kicking myself because right after the ceremony my phone decided to let me know that the memory is full and I am unable to take any more pictures and of course Carson’s phone was dead. But just take my word for it – there were a lot of wonderful details and it was so great to see our friends so happy! It did start to pour towards the end of the evening and because we came with my parents and they were worried we would get stuck on the dirt road we had to leave a little early which was a shame. 


Sunday brought Father’s Day and at my father’s bequest we headed to the track. Carson and I bet on a few races but mostly talked with everyone and enjoyed the nice weather. We had dinner at an Irish pub where the owner convinced my parents to possibly take a week long trip to Ireland in September and we had delicious shepherds pie (not to mention some delicious Irish whiskey and vodka). The evening ended late but it was nice to celebrate one of the most important people in my life.


What did you do this weekend?

I’m linking up with B Loved Boston and Champagne and Suburbs!

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