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To Travel Or To Save?

That is the question. I find myself constantly caught between these two choices. On the one hand, I know we have to save money, especially right now so that we can pay off debt and hopefully begin the next chapter of our lives.

On the other hand my list of places to visit grows every day. And I keep hearing about how we should travel while we’re young and not tied down (but let’s be honest…having a cat is almost like having a child in the world of traveling). Okay, maybe having a cat isn’t quite like having a child but I certainly feel like having Sirius constrains our ability to pick up and go especially since we can’t really leave him with my parents because they only have outdoor cats.


My parents are going on a trip to Thailand in January/February (can you say birthday gift?) and are now possibly going to be taking a trip to Ireland in September. Of course my first reaction is – “you can’t go without us!” My second reaction is that my parents don’t travel cheaply so even if they were to help out with the cost we would be putting a lot of financial strain on ourselves.

I’ve mentioned this before but we are going to be moving to Vermont for a few months starting the first of July for the main reason of saving money and for the secondary reason of Carson missing the beauty and slow paced atmosphere of Vermont. So all of this temptation to travel is even worse because it would defeat our whole intention of saving money!

I know there must be bloggers out there who share in this desperate struggle – do you have any tips for how to continue to save and not succumb to temptation?


  1. Everything is about prioritizing for sure. Even though I feel like any trip taken will not be a regret…you are making a big move! I say once you get settled down, start making plans to go elsewhere and follow your parent’s traveling footsteps.


  2. Keirstin Ritchie says

    It’s a constant battle – but I have no tips for avoiding it.
    In fact, I gave in and am going to Thailand in a few months. Good luck & keep writing!


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