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Weekending – Packing Edition

I’ve been totally letting the ball drop on blogging because I feel like life has overwhelmed us and it didn’t help that we procrastinated on packing:


We are leaving on the 2nd of July and still have so much to pack and do! I wish I had some awesome tips to share…but I’m still kind of new to this whole packing up everything and moving thing. Any tips or tricks? I’m dreading packing up the kitchen.

In between all of the packing we did find time to do some…jewelry… shopping this weekend…and I was able to see some of my friends for the last time for a few months!


I’m a little anxious about how Sirius is going to do on the trip but fingers crossed!

Sunday was originally meant to be a day that we would go do a tour and wine tasting at a local winery with two of my friends but those plans ended up falling through because there wasn’t enough time so I just got together with them for drinks at the local Chilis instead! It was still wonderful and good to catch up one last time before we’re off. Sunday evening my parents had us over for “farewell” dinner – I swear the way people are acting you’d think we were moving to another continent! But lots of wonderful toasts were said (including a toast for their 31 year anniversary coming up in a few days!) and we are all excited about what the future holds.IMG_6603

On a brighter note – my daylilys in the garden are finally starting to bloom (just in time for us to move)!

Monday kind of spilled into the weekend because I no longer work (for now!) so I was left at the house to continue packing and in the evening I took Carson out for sushi at our favorite place before one of my best friends met us at the house and we had a few hours to catch up. Now it’s back to packing for me!

I’m linking up with Champagne and Suburbs and B Loved Boston for Weekending.


  1. So great that you guys got to have a lot of farewell celebrations! And drinks at Chili’s is always fun in my opinion!


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