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Wedding Wednesday {Mrs. Always Wright}

I am so excited about our engagement and to be taking part in the Wedding Wednesday link up after reading so many great posts! I thought that today I would share with you more of our engagement story.


The day that he proposed we drove to Stowe, Vermont and took a gondola ride up about half way to 3/4 of the way up Mt.Mansfield. It definitely turned out to be much more of an adventure than I realized and as soon as our hike started I regretted turning Amy’s (my soon to be mother-in-law) offer of french braiding my hair that morning. It was a lot more physically challenging than expected – especially for someone who is 5’2” with super short legs!


I had a thought in the back of my head that Carson might propose while we were on the trip but after clambering over rocks that were taller than me for a few minutes I started to think that no, this was not the proposal spot. This was the spot where I was being tested – and if I didn’t die I would pass and maybe get a proposal eventually! Needless to say, I tried very hard to keep up. We ran into a family sitting on one of the flatter areas playing this amazing (and huge) instrument on our way up and they said they had chosen that spot because it got a little more treacherous after that. We pressed on and about that time I started being able to see how high up we were and that there really wasn’t anything to keep me from falling if my hand slipped as I was trying to heave myself up onto and around rocks I started shaking and we had to take a little break for me to gather my wits around me (there might have been a few tears – my fear of heights is ridiculous and really inconvenient at times).


We made it over the next obstacle and reached and area where the path led us up a very smooth piece of rock at a pretty good angle and while there were actual metal bars in the rock to hold on to…there was nothing on the edge of the rocks to keep you from dying! Carson was able to climb that part first and then when he came back to help me he expressed his concerns about the trip back down for me and that I might be too afraid because of how smooth and steep it was (at this point I was already wondering what the chances were that they could send a rescue helicopter to get me down). He then asked me if I thought I could make it this far next year and when I said yes he said that we should take some pictures of us up there so he set up the camera and told me to sit on the rocks.



He turned around, got down on one knee, pulled out the box (he had been keeping it in the camera bag this whole time!), showed me the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen and asked if I would marry him! At this point I was smiling from ear to ear and crying happy tears all at the same time but still managed a squeaky “yes of course!” He recorded the whole thing on the camera and after taking some actual pictures we put the ring back in its box (no way was I scrambling over rocks with that beauty!) and our trip down was so much more blissful and relaxing. We had dinner in Burlington at Splash at the Boathouse which is right on the water and had gorgeous views of the sunset. It was a perfect day – full of adrenaline and happiness.


It’s been three days and I still can’t stop starting at my ring and constantly smiling when I look at it!

I’m linking up with Macy and Nikki for Wedding Wednesday.

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