Friday Favorites
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Friday Favorites {Maryland Edition}

Since we’re traveling down to Maryland today I thought I’d share 5 awesome things about Maryland!

  1. Crabs! If you haven’t had Maryland Crabs in your life then you should make it a priority right about now – and don’t forget the Old bay! crabs
  2. Waterfront views – need I say more? DSC00828
  3. Aquarium (yay marine life) I’m kind of obsessed with finding awesome aquariums and if I do say so myself, we have a pretty good one in Baltimore! IMG_5610
  4. Close proximity to D.C. (and the National Zoo!) 204870_1359698649884_7260710_o
  5. Annapolis – our state capital is beautiful, historic and right on the water too! main street2

I’m linking up for Friday Favorites with Amanda! What are some of your favorite things about your home state?


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