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Wedding Weekend

Can’t believe this busy weekend is already over! It started Friday evening when we packed up the car and got on the road after work at 5pm . We actually made excellent time (and it’s great that when we take my car we can split the driving!) and were able to get back to Maryland at 1:30am.


Happy to be home but exhausted we had a meeting with a photographer in Annapolis at 9am the next morning (more on this later) and then I was off for bridesmaid dress shopping because I am going to be in a wedding in January. We went to David’s Bridal and it was actually very quick and fun – dresses are purchased! Although we have to wait to December for them to come in (eek!). Then we were off to walk around the Baltimore Zoo with our friends after they got married there (so cute!). It was a great time to walk around, spend time with everyone and see all of the animals.


Sunday was another full day starting with meeting another possible photographer. We then were able to make it to church on time and then headed home to grab my parents and head down first to stop at our Smyth Jewelers to get my ring looked at because the center stone was loose (thank goodness Carson and my father saw that before it fell out!) Then we were off farther down the coast to visit a possible wedding venue – we actually ended up being underwhelmed but it was still a good visit. We zipped back up to Baltimore county to attend our friends wedding reception – it was very sweet, intimate and an overall great time! What was your favorite part of the weekend?

IMG_4378Linking up with B Loved Boston for Weekending!

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