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Wedding Wednesday {Bridesmaids}

It’s my second Wedding Wednesday and I at least have been able to check one thing off of my huge list – asking my bridesmaids to take part in my wedding!! I actually got so excited that I kind of ignored formality and the day after when I told all of my friends that we were engaged just ended up asking everyone on the phone if they would take part in my wedding.

But when we got back to MD this past Saturday I knew I wanted to do something small but still special to commemorate asking my girls so I put my DIY hat on and went to work (thank you Pinterest).

I had Carson help me with creating little personalized labels for each of them (thank goodness for a fiance who is so great with photoshop!) and we ran over to our local liquor store to get miniature bottles of Prosecco. After 3 trips to 3 other stores we were finally able to find a coke bottle that was glass and had a pop off top for niece (I couldn’t believe how long it took – I have literally been seeing these glass soda bottles everywhere).

Then it just took some scissors, a hole punch and gift wrapping ribbon! It didn’t much time at all (except for when my printer ran out of colored ink…) but I thought it turned out great. IMG_4626

The labels say “It’s my turn to pop the question. Will you be my MOH/bridesmaid?” I did them in their favorite colors too add a little more personalization as well. I am so incredibly excited to have all of my closest friends with me on my wedding day!

I actually ended up having two Prosecco bottles left over so I whipped up two more labels for my parents (not like they really have a choice…)!

IMG_4629How did you ask your bridesmaids to be in the wedding?

I’m linking up with To Travel and Beyond and MakeUpHER for Wedding Wednesday!

To Travel and Beyond


  1. How cute! I would’ve loved to do something like this but I wanted to ask each of them in person before I moved. I made them each a floral arrangement that was waiting in their rooms (we were roommates/I was visiting one of them) along with a card I made for them. I loved getting to see their reactions in person. I asked my sister to be my MOH and her reaction is one of my favorite memories ever!


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