Wedding Wednesday
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Wedding Wednesday {The Story Behind the Ring}

3515ffcd5649e8b663b018de56a8b122Happy Wedding Wednesday! Today I thought I would share with you the story behind my engagement ring.

I am completely obsessed with it and still get caught up in the sparkle at moments. This past winter my mom and I went to Saxon’s in Bel Air to purchase a pandora charm and of course while we were picking it out they offered to clean my mother’s rings. When we had made our purchase and the rings were still being cleaned the salesperson suggested that we look at some other things (of course) and we ended up looking at engagement rings. The salesman there was super helpful, and I actually found a ring that I thought was great.


Fast forward several months and Carson and I finally went back to that store so I could show him the ring that I thought was “the one”…well we were both disappointed because it wasn’t like I remembered it. We did end up finding a ring that was more along the lines of what we wanted but Carson wasn’t 100% convinced. We ended up stopping at Jared’s (obviously those commercials work) and finding a ring that was exactly like something I had seen on Pinterest. I wasn’t 100% ready to let go of the previous ring though so I ended up asking one of my recently engaged friends (now married!) where they had purchased her ring and she told me about Smyth.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 7.19.02 PM

The Sunday before we were leaving for Vermont we decided to check Smyth out as our last jewerly store in hopes of finding the ring. Our salesman was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and actually got engaged in Vermont as well! We ended up looking at probably more than 10 different rings and it came down to my ring and this other super intricate gorgeous knot detail ring but I ended up choosing mine because I thought it was simple yet had the beautiful nature inspired halo that also had the symbolism of two intertwined lives.


What really makes my ring dear to my heart though is the fact that the center stone is my grandmother’s from her engagement ring. I was never able to meet my grandmother sadly but I am so thankful to have this little part of her and a part of my family with me forever!

Was your ring a surprise or did you pick it out together? I’m linking up with To Travel and Beyond and MakeUpHER!

To Travel and Beyond


  1. Oh I love that your diamond is from your grandmother! That’s such a great story. We looked at rings together to get an idea of what I liked and what size my finger was, but he ended up picking it out all on his own and I could not have done better myself.


  2. That is such a pretty ring and I just love the setting! We did go looking at rings together and we looked at a few. He did go back later and picked out the one he liked best, which ended up also being the one that I liked the best, so of course I was really happy about that. I too sometimes get caught up in the sparkle and think how lucky I am!


    • Thank you so much and that’s great that you had the experience of shopping together but the final ring was a surprise!!


  3. what a gorgeous ring! i love that the stone is your grandmothers. we had a bit of an odd engagement, with a deadline, so i went to the mall and looked at rings, found a very affordable set, put some money down and told my (now) husband where they were and how much was left to pay lol. true love 😉


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