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Happy Monday! I can’t even believe that tomorrow is the first day of September and it seems like fall is just around the corner. This weekend was busy, fun and exciting all wrapped into one. While we didn’t do that much traveling we still had a jam packed weekend so lets get right to it:



IMG_4742Saturday we made homemade blackberry jam as well as peach cobbler. I had never made jam before so Amy and Jeff showed me the ropes from squeezing the juice out of blackberries to flipping the jars over so that the lids could seal. The next morning we had delicious jam with homemade bread! In between the cooking/baking projects Amy and I went to Michael’s (couldn’t believe the boys let us go alone!) and I bought myself some calligraphy pens and paper that I will start using tomorrow with the help of Carson’s Aunt. We ended up watching Eureka with the family after dinner and it was an overall great evening.


Sunday was church day as well as a work/play day (Carson worked while I played) in Burlington.  On the way we stopped at Woodchuck brewery where we did a sampling of about 7 different beers (and it was free)!


When we got back on the road a little later Carson suddenly pulled over and pointed across the street and what did we see? A camel! I couldn’t believe it – there might have been loud squeals of joy in that car as we pulled to the other side where we could see it better and grab some pictures. Vermont is full of surprises!


We stopped at our favorite sushi place on the outskirts of Burlington to grab a quick snack because we were both pretty hungry and couldn’t resist running over to Barnes and Nobles where they have the used book section (heaven!) before going on. We had dessert at the Skinny Pancake because we just can’t stay away and I think it was totally worth all of those delicious calories.

What was your favorite part of your weekend? I’m linking up with B Loved Boston for Weekending!


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