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Wedding Wednesday {Choosing a Venue}

Happy Wedding Wednesday! This past weekend was the second time so far that I’ve actually been hit with a moment of “I’m really going to be marrying my best friend next year!!” so that was super exciting and amazing.

I’ve been planning things for longer than I should have been because I already started looking at photographers (one of our top priorities) before we even got engaged but in my defence it was after we went ring shopping! However things didn’t go exactly as smoothly as I had anticipated because we had been expecting to have the wedding at our family farm but with my father’s new job he really doesn’t have time to make the farm wedding ready in less than a year so we had to start searching elsewhere.


In highschool I fell in love with the Peabody Library in Baltimore and was convinced that I wanted to get married there. And while Carson and I love reading and books we both love nature as well. So when the farm was out of the question and we had to sit down and talk about what we would really want for our wedding day: turns out we both want water! So we started searching for wedding venues in Maryland that were near/on the water.


Many venues later I was feeling super overwhelmed, and it didn’t help that we were in Vermont while all of the venues were back home. We ended up visiting what I thought was going to be “the one” on one of our trips and were sadly disappointed. The website had been very deceiving and I am so glad we actually went and saw the location before making any decisions.

Our actual venue kind of fell into our laps because a friend of my parents mentioned that he had a good friend who has property on the water that he just bought in the past few years and that they’re doing weddings on. My mom and I went to look at and I just completely fell in love (while I was trying to keep my poker face on and seem less than interested). I sent Carson pictures and he loved it too! I was able to actually have Carson see it in person (since we all know pictures can be deceiving!) and we knew it was the one.

Well, this past weekend we booked the venue and our date!! I can’t believe it. We are actually going to be starting our lives together as husband and wife in less than 12 months! I am beyond happy and excited for this part of our lives to start.

I thought that I would share my top questions for the venue with you today:

  1. Are you available on the day/days we are interested in?
  2. What is included in your venue price? (chairs, tables, a day-of-coordinator etc.) And is there a minimum for certain days?
  3. How many guests can it hold comfortably?
  4. Can we pick our own caterer or do you provide one on site?
  5. Are there limitations to what and how we can decorate? (some sites won’t let you put things up on the walls or use candles etc.)
  6. Do you provide bartending services? Can we provide our own alcohol? (the cheaper route).
  7. Who provides the linens? (sometimes the caterer does, sometimes the venue does and sometimes you do).
  8. Is there a cake cutting fee?
  9. Is there a space for the bride and groom to get ready on location?
  10. Do we set up and tear down the space or does the venue?

There are so many more questions that can and should be asked depending on the your venue and what they offer/don’t offer but I wont bore you to death like the venue reps I spoke with! What were some of your crucial questions for your venue?

I’m linking up with Macy and Nikki for Wedding Wednesday!

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  1. this is super detailed and helpful! i would have loved to get married on the beach, but there is no beach nearby lol. we ended up settling on this venue that was beautiful, but the rules and whatnot were ridiculous, so we cancelled and found a place that allowed outside catering and BYO booze.. plus we could party till 2am. they were the deciding factors!


  2. Glad you found this helpful! And yes, I totally agree that a venue that has more wiggle room with what you can do/how long you stay is best!!


  3. The Peabody is one of my favorite venues to work weddings, it is gorgeous! So Beauty & The Beast 🙂 Congrats on finding a venue!!


  4. I also asked:
    -Is there a bottle opening fee?
    -What happens if it rains/how does that affect the location?
    -Are there any other weddings booked the same day (some places double book, one in the morning and one in the evening)?
    My biggest thing is visit. I had the same experience, where i loved a place online then got there and they had a single bathroom, no backup plan for the rain and it was on this windy dirt back road that I could just see someone having an accident on!
    Looks like you have things covered! Happy planning!


    • Those are all great questions too 🙂 we just met with our first caterer and now I have another huge list of questions for them lol


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