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Road Trip Essentials

We did a whole lot of driving over the long weekend! I’ll post more about the individual trips to Montreal, Saratoga, NY and back home in the next few weeks but right now I want to talk about road trip essentials. Because we all know there’s a lot more to getting on the road then jumping in the car.

Here are my favorite essentials:

  1. Good friends/family (and a good destination doesn’t hurt either)!

We were so lucky to be able to go to Montreal with Carson’s parents, meet my parents and their friends in Saratoga and have each other for company on the trip home. It really does make a world of difference!


2.  Water cooler!

This was so great on our trip to Montreal – we were able to pop in our water bottles with a frozen one and on the way there and back after an entire day we had refreshing cold water.


3. Snacks!

You can’t go wrong with snacks – if you’re in a hurry you can always grab something on the road but we love to pack some Nature Valley or KIND bars.


4. GPS!

I swear, I would be lost without my phone – literally. It has been a life saver in more than one instance and I love that it lets you know about traffic and changes your route accordingly. We generally stick with the Apple Maps (if we’re running low on data especially since it uses almost next to none!) or Google Maps. I guess if you really wanted to you could use a real map too…
Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 5.06.12 PM

5. Small blanket/scarf/sweater!

Or a blanket scarf?! Basically something that might help you keep warm if you go to a chilly place and something that can double as a pillow for a nap in the car (if you’re the passenger!)


6. Music!

We actually didn’t listen to the radio too much during the trips but sometimes it gets really annoying to be going in and out of reception for stations so I recommend bringing something to connect your phone to the car radio or the good old CD collection (am I the only one who still has one of those?!) Also, audio books anyone?


7. Walkie talkie!

This is only a tip if you’re driving in two separate cars but it is a life saver. When we drove to Vermont the first time and Carson and I were both in our own cars it was so much easier to figure out what was going on when we could communicate instantly with one another and ensured that we would stick together or find each other if we got separated.


8. Don’t forget the charger!

You’re probably going to be using your phone a lot on the trip for either music, directions or Instagram so bring a charger and adapter for your car to ensure you’re never without it.


9. A trash bag!

It can be as un-fancy as a grocery bag but you’ll need something for those McDonald’s drive through wrappers and/or any drinks and snacks you eat in the car! This will help your car to stay clean and for you to stay sane!


10. Your Camera!

You never know when you’re going to see something amazing on your trip (like a camel in the middle of Vermont) so have it ready and charged. Personally I’m a Canon girl but you can use whatever you’d like to capture your memories.

Hope you enjoyed this list and I’ll see you tomorrow for Wedding Wednesday!

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