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Bonjour Montreal!

A few weeks ago Carson, his parents and I decided to take a day trip to Montreal, Canada. This was Carson’s and my second trip there together and the first with his parents. Both trips were very short – the first a weekend and the second a day but we were able to make the most of it still and had a wonderful time!

IMG_7399Driving up from Vermont only took us about 3 hours – Montreal is a beautiful and culturally rich city that has something for everyone. We arrived and found parking (nightmare!!) in Old Montreal which is where we spent our time. We were hoping to have crepes because Carson and I had delicious ones the last time we were in town but the lines for all the restaurants were more than 30 minutes so we cut our losses and went to a micro-brewery/restaurant called Brasseurs. The atmosphere was unique and fun and the food was delicious! I chose fish and chips because being in Canada is kind of like being in England, right?! Well, the food was delicious and we all enjoyed our meal.


Refreshed we went back to pounding the pavement in search of a gelato place and sights. One of my favorite things about the city: there are artists and performers on literally every street corner. We also saw at least 3 bacherlorette parties going on and about the same number of brides and grooms taking pictures! Gelato in hand we stopped to watch a magician who did a great job and impressed us with his ability to speak English and French, switching at the blink of an eye and making me feel like a failure.


We then headed toward Notre-Dame Basilica which we hadn’t been able to see inside of the last time we visited. I have seen a lot of beautiful churches from my time studying abroad in Russia and this church was right up there with the best of them – gorgeous!







And just like that our trip came to an end and I can’t wait to go back for a longer trip!! What has been your favorite day trip?

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