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Questions You Should Ask Your Photographer

Happy Wedding Wednesday! As my mom and I struggle with the guest list that was supposed to be 150 people and is now 246 people it’s nice to think that I at least have one part of wedding planning done – the photographer! Last week I talked about how to find the right candidates for your wedding photography here and today I wanted to continue the photography talk. It’s important to find people who you like but it’s also important to find someone who knows what they’re doing and meets all of your needs/desires.

Here is my list of questions that I asked the photographers we met:

  1. Are you available on my day (or days, if you haven’t narrowed it down)?
  2. Do you have different wedding packages? What is included in each package and how much are they?
  3. Do you have a la carte options if a package doesn’t meet all of my needs?
  4. How much is the deposit?
  5. Is there a payment plan that we can do or do you want to have all of the money at one time? (Our photographer actually gave us a discount when we paid in full).
  6. Do you offer anything besides photography? Some photographers are solo but some actually have an organization/business where they provide other things – for example, our photographer also has a photobooth option (run by other staff) but they may also do things like videography.
  7. Have you done other weddings in our setting/exact location? You can’t always find a photographer that has done a wedding at your location before but it’s always important to know if they have experience shooting in that type of setting (dark churches, open fields at sunset etc.)
  8. Do you have travel fees? When we were considering out of state photographers there were obviously going to be travel fees involved because they would need to get there and stay the night. Some in state photographers might still charge travel fees also.
  9. What would happen if you are sick or have any emergency the day of the wedding? It’s always good to have a worse case scenario plan in place and most photographers have networks of other photographers that they can access if something happens and they can’t make it.
  10. Do you work well with videographers? Do you have any recommendations? If you’re planning on having a videographer as well as a photographer it’s important to know that both professionals are comfortable working with each other. (Also, if your photographer is able to give you a recommendation for another wedding pro you might get a discount from the wedding pro who is being recommended!)
  11. Are you willing to have input on the photos that we want? With the age of Pinterest upon us it’s important to have a photographer that will work with you instead of running the whole show (unless you want that…)
  12. Do you have experience doing first looks? If you’re planning on doing a first look it’s important that your photographer knows how to execute it perfectly.
  13. Do we have reproduction rights of the photos? Some photographers will own your photos and you will have to go to them for the rest of your life if you want more prints of your photos.
  14. What is the time frame for getting us the photos/album after the weddin?
  15. Do you shoot natural or artificial light? Or both? While a photographer’s work will speak for itself it’s still important to know that they can do both if need be etc.
  16. Do you use a dual card slot in your equipment? This is important for backing up pictures and if they don’t, ask what they do use/do to ensure photos aren’t lost.
  17. Do you provide a high resolution DVD of the images? Or a USB?
  18. How would you describe your shooting style? If you’re a very relaxed couple it wouldn’t probably work to have someone who is aggressive and up in your face the whole time.
  19. Will you help us with the timeline for the day and make sure we get the pictures that we want? For example, we want pictures at sunset but at that point we might be mingling with our guests so it’s important that your photographer reminds you and makes sure to get the shots.
  20. What will we do if it rains? Always important to know what your wedding pros are going to do if the weather doesn’t agree.

More Technical Questions:

  1. What kind of camera do you use? Most professionals will be using either Nikon or Canon.
  2. Are you shooting digital or film? Apparently some people still shoot film because it has a very unique look and if that’s what you’re going for than this is what you want!
  3. What lenses are you using?
  4. Do you have backup equipment if something were to happen to a lens or camera?

Do you have any other questions that I can add to the list? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Woah 246 people! Haha I know it’s so hard to narrow down because that happened to us too.. I think this is a really good list. Our photographer was a friend but it we went with a company or a stranger I would’ve asked SO many questions.


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