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Tips for Surviving Jury Duty

Tips For Surviving Jury Duty

A few months ago I was feeling a little left out that several of my friends had already been chosen for Jury Duty. Well, not any more. I received my summons in the mail and immediately regretted wishing wanting to get it.

Have no fear though – if you haven’t had Jury Duty yet, or it’s been years since you’ve served, I have some tips to help you make it through the day.

Tip 1

Arrive a little early if you haven’t served before to get the lay of the land and figure out where you’re going. I actually was a few minutes late but it wasn’t a big deal because they waited to take “attendance.”

Tip 2

You get paid for Jury Duty! But, don’t spend your well earned money in one place. I actually got $15 dollars for sitting around all day but apparently DC only gives you around $5 dollars and mails it to you after the fact. So if you live elsewhere be thankful, and if not, sorry for your bad luck.

Tip 3

Bring entertainment. Grab a book, a Kindle, an iPad, a newspaper – just grab something! You’re most likely going to be sitting 90% of the day so you might as well have something to do.

Tip 4

Prepare to watch ALL of the movies. I was a little afraid when they apologized for having super old movies for us, but the oldest one was from the early 2000’s which is a lot better than the black and white ones I was expecting.

Tip 5

Scout out lunch places beforehand. I didn’t know the area well before I went so I ended up just following the crowd and getting food at the first place I ran into. It did end up being really good and provided some more bonding time with my fellow Jurors, however, it still would have been nice to have options and know where I was going though!

Tip 6

Have fun! While Jury duty can be boring it can also be a time to meet new people and be a professional movie watcher (dream job!). And who knows…you might get to actually sit on a Jury (and since I’m a Law and Order fan that seems exciting).

Have you survived Jury duty? What are some of your tips?

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  1. I’ve been lucky enough to only have it once, and I spent most of the day ALMOST getting put on a jury of a guy who was super scary! Luckily, they passed (sigh of relief)


  2. Ha I need to bookmark this! I was summoned a few months ago when I was like 6 months pregnant. The case was about a child I think and they asked “Does anyone think they’d be biased in a case regarding a child who was injured?” And I was like uhm.. yes. So they sent me home


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