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7 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

I am so excited that I finally found “the” dress! I have to admit, I was getting a little worried when all of the bridal salons I went to asked when I was getting married and then were shocked by how “soon” it was.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips, Bridesmaids

I get it, dresses take forever to come in, but I’m still 8 months out! The added stress also wasn’t super helpful in making a decision. I visited a total of three salons and one of them I went to twice because the first time was unofficial and we were only there for a little bit. I’ll try to answer some questions you may have about wedding dress shopping below:

1. When to start?

As soon as possible! I’m a great example of why: you might not find your dream dress the first time you walk into a salon so give yourself plenty of time.

2. When/Where to go?

Saturday afternoons are the most popular times for brides-to-be to go dress shopping. Because of that I recommend going during the week, or grabbing the earliest possible appointment on a Saturday. Ask around your circle of friends if some of them have gotten married or research nearby bridal salons. My best friend actually got her dress fro mthe same place I did a few months ago!

3. Should you have a budget?

Yes! Always go into the appointment with a set budget that you’ve created and agreed upon with your fiancee and/or family. This will also help the person pulling dresses for you so they know which ones they can pull and which ones they can’t.

4. Who should you bring?

Anyone you would like. I know a lot of people say that you shouldn’t take too many people with you but if you’re indecisive like me and your mom thinks you looks great in everything then bring more people with you! It really helped to have all of my bridesmaids there assisting in the decision.

5. What to wear?

For outer clothing you can wear anything but for undergarments it’s a lot easier to wear a strapless bra so you don’t have to worry about tucking straps in and undergarments should preferably be the color of your skin tone. 

6. Where to start?

I didn’t have a very specific idea of what I wanted so we started with trying different silhouettes and fabrics. This helped me to find out that no, I could not pull off a ballgown at 5’2″ and that a ballgown was probably not the right choice for an outdoor Spring wedding (my princess dreams died that day).

7. How to make a choice?

You’ve probably binge watched Say Yes to the Dress and seen so many brides burst into tears that you feel like that’s how you’ll know. I’m a very emotional person in general – the majority of my friends have seen me burst into tears at one point or another. But I actually didn’t cry when I found my dress. Instead, I felt very excited and euphoric – one step closer to spending the rest of my life with Carson! So don’t feel like it’s not the dress if you don’t cry, if it makes you feel great and you love it – that’s how you’ll know.



  1. people were freaking out over 8 months? i got mine in less than 6 months no problems lol. people are crazy 😉 glad you got your dress! congrats!


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