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Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoon | Best Tropical Honeymoon Locations

As we try to decide on a honeymoon destination I thought I would share with you our thought processes and general ideas we have been throwing around. Googling “honeymoon destinations” will give you a ton of results. Finding options isn’t the problem…finding something that fits what you want and stays within budget is the hard part. If you have any tips or suggestions I’d love to hear them!

New Zealand | Travel | Honeymoon

Idea’s We’ve Discarded:

  1. New Zealand – on one hand it is literally at the top of our dream list. On the other hand it is super far away and our honeymoon would be during the winter over there and we would constantly be going and doing things which would be exhausting.
  2. Ireland – another destination that is at the top of our list but once again, we’d want to see and do so much that our honeymoon would be exhausting and we will already be exhausted from the wedding celebration.
  3. Bali, Tahiti, Bora Bora/Fiji (yep, all on the dream list…but they are so far away and I don’t think we want to spend a day or more flying to the destination)

Bahamas | Honeymoon | Travel

Idea’s We Are Considering:

We definitely want our honeymoon to be a time of relaxation and bonding. Our definition of relaxation has turned out to be “tropical.” Sand, ocean, little drinks with umbrellas? Yes please!  We also don’t want to spend an arm and a leg just on airfare but also want to obviously take a memorable trip. We are staying away from the European countries because I feel like we would once again feel like there is so much to see and do in a short period of time and wouldn’t get any rest.

  1. Caribbean Islands – there are so many and we’ve had a lot of recommendations for different ones.
  2. The Bahamas
  3. Cayman Islands
  4. Hawaii (maps are so deceiving – Hawaii is far away!)

Any tips for making this difficult choice? Did you end up going tropical?
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  1. I completely agree about skipping the Europe trip for your honeymoon! We chose not to do that for exactly the same reason.. we wanted to relax and focus on each other after the wedding. We did a cruise because being pregnant I didn’t want to fly.. and for the price we were able to get a huge suite and go away for like 11 days. I’d definitely consider that!


  2. Glad we’re on the same wavelength! I’ll definitely look into cruises 🙂 And the bonus of that is you get to see more than one place.


  3. We actually did nothing aside from staying at the beach for a week. We went on a trip the next year. I was exhausted after the wedding.

    Ireland is actually a slowish relaxing little country but not tropical in the least!

    I loved St. Maarten, liked St. Thomas, hated the Bahamas.

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  4. Hawaii is really far away, but it’s AMAZING! We went to Kauai and it was so relaxing and beautiful. I’ve also been to Maui twice and I would go back, it’s just as beautiful and even more to do. I do also love the Caribbean. I’ve been on a few cruises and I love that you get all of the luxuries of a resort, but you also get to see lots of different places. I’m just as happy laying by the pool as I am laying on the beach so that makes cruises a win/win for me. I can’t wait to see what you decide!


  5. I think it depends on what you are wanting for your honeymoon. If you are planning a large wedding, you will be exhausted and likely not able to enjoy traveling to see different destinations. We were exhausted after our wedding and simply needed to just be. The other trips can come later. I love all inclusives (and cruises are good too). We love Couples Resort in Jamaica – tropical and there are activiites too.

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