Wedding Wednesday
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6 Months Till “I Do”

Wedding Wednesday | Planning | To Do List

I thought this week would be a good week to take stock of what we have already accomplished and what’s next on our list!


  1. We got our dream venue! Read more about the process and questions to ask here.
  2. I got my dress! I was seriously stressing out about it and am so glad that I was able to get that huge part accomplished. (Carson says…”You’re really more worried about what you’re going to wear than anything else?” Um, yes. It must be a girl thing.) You can read more about the experience here.
  3. We met DJ’s.
  4. We’ve met more caterers and are also close to making a final decision. One comment – why do none of the caterers seem to have coral tablecloths? What is up with that?! I created a list of questions for caterers that you can find here.
  5. We’ve begun our registry. So far we have a Target one and a Macy’s one, we will probably create just one more but we are not sure where yet.
  6. We got our engagement photos taken! This was also a huge relief…especially after I asked myself, “did we really make a good choice on our photographer?” Yes, I am at the stage where I am second guessing every wedding decision that I am making. But I am still super excited to see the photos soon! You can read about how to choose a photographer here.
  7. We picked our colors. This was difficult for me. So many to choose from! I’m still not 100% set on how they’ll play out in the wedding (Seriously. Where are the coral tablecloths?!) but I think it’ll be great.
  8. We decided on our theme – a mix of two, actually, that we are going to try to blend really well because they are both big parts of our personalities.
  9. We’ve chosen our wedding party! Well, Carson has one more person to ask but it’ll happen soon. Read about how I popped the question here.

To Do:

  1. Finalize guest list. To be honest, I’m hard core avoiding this part. But we’re sending save the dates next month so I can only avoid it for so long!
  2. Our pastor just got back from a 3 month sabbatical (and proceeded to make a joke about how he was stepping down in January which made my heart stop.) And we just have to finalize everything with him and are in the process of taking a marriage course.
  3. Get our wedding website up. This may or may not be the only thing I asked to be my present for Christmas from Carson.
  4. Finalize DJ.
  5. Finalize the caterer.
  6. Start looking for a videographer.
  7. Decide if we need/want a day of coordinator.
  8. Talk with florists. We have all of the ideas but will be talking with a few potentials soon.
  9. Choose bridesmaid dresses…I’ve been avoiding this a little too, just because I don’t want my bridesmaids to break the bank and there are a lot of options that do exactly that.
  10. Talk with a travel agent about honeymoon possibilities! I think this is one of the most exciting aspects of planning the wedding for me…and it’s going to be tough relinquishing the reins to Carson on this one!

I have no idea how this fits in but I’m just going to put this right here….

Wedding Wednesday | Planning | To Do List | Cats

To Travel and Beyond


  1. Have you heard of Linen Hero? They may have the table cloths you’re looking for. I’ll be sure to check out your dress shopping post before I start shopping this weekend.


  2. This takes me back to a year ago! So exciting! We only registered at Macy’s and Bed Bath & Beyond and that ended up being enough. If you add one more I’d definitely recommend BBB =)


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