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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites | Christmas | Holiday |

The Office | Funny | Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th! Even though this day is supposed to be horrible I am so thankful for it right now. I can’t wait to take a breath and relax after my busy week and hectic day of running around from 7am till 10:30pm. Craziness. Let’s just jump right into the happiness then:

1. Cat Videos. Because when are cat videos not the best thing ever? This cat is a genius. And no one really believes that black cats are bad luck right? They deserve love too!

2. Sweaters. We had a couple of gorgeous days in November (we’re talking t-shirt weather) but it’s getting a little chillier now and it’s the perfect time to cuddle up in a great sweater like this one. 

Sweater | Favorite | Fall | Macys

3. ABC Family announced their 25 Days of Christmas. YES. I live for Christmas. And my birthday (obviously…).  I’m currently ignoring that ABC Family is changing their name come the new year.

ABC Family | Christmas | TV | Movies | Holiday

4. This post from Amanda (aka Living in Another Language – one of my all time favorite blogs). Not only am I obsessed with New Zealand, but I think that the Northern and Southern Lights are one of the most beautiful natural phenomenon on earth.

Blog | New Zealand | Travel |Southern Lights

5. Favorite Facebook Group – Humans of New York. If you’re not following along already, you’re missing out. I love the stories that Brandon finds in the streets of New York – as well as in other countries! Speaking of facebook…(shameless plug alert) have you liked my Facebook page yet?! It’s pretty cool, I promise.

Humans of New York | Facebook | Social Media |

What have you been loving this week? I’d love to hear all about it!

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I'm a 24 year old newlywed, cat mom, TV addict, bookworm, and lover of travel. I call Baltimore my home {for now} and love to see new places and meet new people {like you!}.

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  1. Ooh, that sweater does look cozy, and I love the price as well! YAY for the ABC holiday schedule! When’s your birthday? I’m a December baby as well. Happy weekend!


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