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I’m Looking At You Starbucks Cup

Hi everyone, and welcome to another week. It is so easy (and really, it’s human nature) to only think about ourselves and what’s happening in our lives. In fact, I may or may not have had a nightmare last night about not being able to see all of my engagement photos because I got bitten by a snake and guess what my main concern was? Not the snake. At the same time, our minds, since probably around age 7 or 8, have been able to see other’s point of view, developmentally speaking. That seems to get lost in the teenage years…but it’s there!

Here we are today. After tragedy struck on the  12th and 13th of November. That’s right, let’s not forget the 12th in Beirut, where two suicide bombings occurred. Paris isn’t the only place hurting in the world. My heart breaks for all of the lives lost last Thursday and Friday.  So let’s take a look at what doesn’t matter:

What the Starbucks cup looks like. If you think that not having snowflakes and snowmen on a cup means that you are being persecuted, you probably also think that Trump would make a good president…Just kidding, but you have no idea what Christmas actually was (a pagan holiday!) and is supposed to be today. Take a look at the other side of the world and see what persecution actually looks like.

Ignorant People On Facebook. Your arguments with individuals have no impact. Literally no impact. “Oh, I didn’t think of that…that’s a really good point, I agree” – said no one ever. And I have to try really hard to restrain myself from commenting because I sometimes forget this.

What Should Be Done:

Starbucks needs to close all of it’s stores and put up banners saying, “you want persecution?! No more coffee for you!”

Facebook should probably just be taken away all together. Because we tend to act like children when we are on there and what do we do to misbehaving children? Take away their toys!


We need to remember that what really matters are the lives of the people. Today, we are lucky to be here. And let’s not forget it by complaining about a cup or some other nonsense.

What do you think of the red cup fiasco? 
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  1. You are so correct that we ( or some of us) act like children on Facebook and other social medias. After this weekend it is such an important reminder that there are more important things to think about.


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