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Bridezilla Alert

I recently discovered a plethora of bridezilla memes that I think are hilarious and also probably have a grain or two of truth in them. What better way to deal with bridezilla moments then to laugh about bridezillas? I’ve compiled some of the funniest that I have found below for your entertainment and as a form of stress relief. Enjoy!

Also am I the only one who loves that scene from 27 Dresses where Tess goes on her bridezilla rant?

“He called me Bridezilla! In the New York freaking Journal! I could tear him apart limb from limb!”

“The only person that you’re gonna be speaking to is my attorney! And I don’t even have an attorney, but I’m sure gonna get one! Asshole!”

“I gotta get outta here. Oh, but you better alert Traffic Control, because Bridezilla’s on the loose!”


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