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Valentine’s Day Adventure

Happy President’s Day everyone! If you’re lucky enough to have off today I hope you are enjoying it! We have gotten some more snow here in Maryland and I’m trying to stay warm as I work on my business (thank goodness for being able to work from literally anywhere!).

My birthday is quickly approaching but today I wanted to share with you my wonderful Valentine’s Day surprises that Carson actually pulled off! I say actually because, of course, when two people spend as much time together as possible you’re bound to have a difficult time surprising one another!!

This whole past week he made a point to tell me, “don’t make plans with anyone on Sunday, and tell your parents that you aren’t going to be available all day.” Saturday night he pulled out some Lindt Chocolate Truffles (aka dessert from the gods) and told me that in the morning we would be leaving to visit New York City! I was so surprised that I thought he was joking, but he assured me that, no, we were really going.


I have wanted to visit NYC for the past several years but it never seemed to work out, even when we have driven directly past the city about 8 times in the last year. I was so incredibly excited!! Before we left on Sunday he surprised me with two more gifts: beautiful roses and chocolate covered strawberries (yum!). He was so sweet and thoughtful and even got us snacks to take on the trip up. And last but not least, he told me that at the end of the day we would be meeting his parents outside of the city to finally exchange Christmas gifts.


Something I didn’t account for: how cold it was. The car said 18 degrees…it was not 18 degrees. My phone said that it felt like 7. That seemed more accurate. But we survived and didn’t get frostbite either! We ended up picking two things to focus on due to time constraints: Central Park and the Statue of Liberty/Battery Park. Despite the cold it was still incredibly fun to walk around the parks together and grab some pictures. We considered ice skating but decided against it due to the cold and my inability to ice skate.


We wrapped up our time in the city and met Carson’s parents – over hot chocolate we exchanged gifts and they save the best gift for last. They asked me to come out to the car to get this one because it was a bit large and they pulled out a traveling crate. Inside was our Sirius Black!!! Best gift ever!!! He has gotten so big and we are so happy to have him home.

I’d love to hear how you celebrate Valentine’s Day!! I’m linking up with Biana for Weekending.

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