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First Month as the Wright’s

Our one month anniversary was yesterday! I can’t believe that it has already been an entire month since we got married. I’ve been horrible about blogging the past few months but now that things have settled down considerably I am planning on jumping right back in with recaps of the last days of planning, the wedding and honeymoon coming soon.


A sunrise view of the house at our venue

In the meantime, let’s recap our first month as man and wife! We woke up bright and early the day after the wedding to head to the airport and jet off for our much needed honeymoon. We had a wonderful week in paradise (aka Jamaica) and all too soon had to head home.


I have now successfully changed my name now (even though it took two trips to the Social Security Office and two hours at the MVA) and we have combined all of our bank accounts. We still have 5 moving boxes in our living room but that’s a huge improvement because we couldn’t walk in our living room at all when we got all of our stuff in there.


Our parents dropped Sirius off on their way south last week because they watched him for us while we were on our honeymoon. It is so good to have him home with us! (Ignore the mess behind him…)


We’ve already made a tradition of always making and eating at least one meal a day together (yum!), attended our cousin’s graduation party (our first as husband and wife!), had a family dinner with my side of the family, watched the GoT finale and we were even able to celebrate the 4th of July with friends and family at my uncle and aunt’s house. Here’s to a wonderful first month and to the many more that are going to follow!

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    • Thank you!! It really does go by quick and we are trying to enjoy every second of it. Also, happy 8 month anniversary!


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