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Friday Favorites

I can’t believe it’s already Friday – this week flew by! I’m linking up with Amanda today since I haven’t done my favorites in what feels like forever!


Favorite TV Show: The hubby (eek! still get excited just from saying it) and I recently finished binging Raising Hope which originally I didn’t think I would like. But as with 99% of shows that he suggests, I ended up loving it. Basic plot: the main character has a child with a serial killer before he knows who she is and then when she gets executed he gets stuck with the baby and figuring out how to raise her with the help of his crazy family and friends. It’s hilarious, cute, lighthearted and quirky (plus it has a great ending!!).

outfit2Favorite Summer Outfit: I’m 100% a fan of casual clothing, especially in the summer and this outfit is a perfect everyday kind of look. Minus the ripped shorts. I don’t know why but I’ve never been able to get behind that trend even though I like how it looks on other people. As a side note – do you have a favorite place to buy un-ripped shorts? I’m on the prowl for the perfect pair because my favorite ones are getting retired.


Favorite Gallery Wall: As we continue to settle into our apartment we have to think more about decorating and especially how we’re going to display wedding photos!! I love the white frames in the above gallery wall – they just feel so fresh and clean.


Favorite Wedding Photo: It’s impossible to pick one favorite but here is one of my very favorites. Personally, I think this photo is perfection 😉


Favorite Game: PokemonGo. #sorrynotsorry I’m so happy to have one of my all time favorite childhood games back in my life and to see that so many people loving it. Also, since I made my hubby take a 30 minute walk tonight, in the unbearable heat, so that I could catch pokemon I think he wins best husband award.

What are you loving right now?

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  1. aw gorgeous wedding picture! i was a huge fan of pokemon as a kid, but haven’t gotten into pokemon go. i’m too lazy 😉 i love that gallery wall, you can’t go wrong with white frames!


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