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The Girls Get Ready

Does anyone else feel like the days just fly by?! Where does the time go? We have almost been married for two entire months and that’s pretty crazy! Today I thought that I would share some of my thoughts about the getting ready process and some photos.

The night before my wedding I wasn’t able to go to bed until around 1:30pm which I know is a big no-no, oops. Usually I need a solid 9 hours to not be a savage beast in the morning but I ended up waking up at 7am unable to go back to sleep because of nerves. The nerves were all due to the fact that I’m not very good in front of large crowds (elopment never looked so good…kidding!).


Getting up so early had it’s perks – I was able to swing by Starbucks and embarrass myself by asking for a cup that said “Bride” and get to the hair salon to keep track of the hair schedule and send the girls on their way to the venue. I waited to get my hair done last thinking it would last slightly longer – incorrect. In hindsight I wish I had gone somewhere in the middle so that I had time to freshen up my curls when I got the venue (this wouldn’t have made a difference though since it was so incredibly windy and ended up raining). So here’s the first tip:

Tip #1  

Get your hair done in the middle of your bridesmaids. That way you have plenty of time to get to the venue if you’re having it done elsewhere and to freshen up your hair if you need to. This also gives you more time to handle details if people have questions. Better yet, get everything done at the venue so you can disregard this tip!



I let my photographer do his thing while all of this was happening and was roughly an hour behind schedule when I arrived at the venue. Yep, I was attempting to do deep breathing exercises at this point because I also have a thing about schedules and being late haha Thankfully I had not only wonderful bridesmaids but also a wonderful makeup artist and photographer that were on top of their game so we got back on schedule really quickly.

Tip #2

Trust your vendors because they’ve probably done a ton of weddings and know what they’re doing! They’ll get you through it 😉



At this point I also handed out my gifts to my bridesmaids because I’d given them their shirts earlier…and of course in the craziness leading up to the big day I forgot to take photos of them. But I’ll post some photos of similar things below!

I’m a big fan of useful presents so I decided to give each girl a makeup bag like the one below that they can use at a later time filled with goodies that they could use for the big day and later!


Inside of the bag I had slightly different things for each girl, since everyone is different! The things that were similar were:


This bracelet which I got on a whim and hoped that everyone would like. Turns out they all love it and have gotten so many compliments on it since then!


A notepad similar to the ones pictured above with their initials, because who couldn’t use more notepads?


This adorable bridesmaid minimergency kit that I found at Francesca’s that had a ton of useful things in it.


And some of the unique items that I included for the girls were: nail polish, eye shadow, makeup remover, and a pillowcase set for my Matron of Honor that obviously didn’t fit in the makeup bag since she and her husband are big fans of Beauty and the Beast and it also fit really well with a Bible Study we had just finished doing with them.


See you next week for the dress portion of getting ready!! And a huge thank you to our amazing makeup artist Holly from Extreme Beauty!

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