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My Wedding Dress

It’s finally time to talk about the dress!! I had several people ask me before the wedding what they should wear and my response was, “I’ll be wearing a long white dress so it’s up to you.” I’ve actually never been good at finding dresses to wear for weddings, except, obviously, for this one. So let’s go back to the beginning.


I went to several bridal salons to try on dresses, I went with my mom, I went with my aunt and I went with my bridesmaids. For some reason, I was totally expecting more vocal opinions from everyone…but in the end it really worked better that everyone let me decide because I’m such a people pleaser that it could have ended in disaster. I eventually decided that this dress was the one. I loved it. It was a perfect mixture of romantic and elegant. It even arrived right around my birthday which was a perfect gift!


I got super lucky because the only alterations I had to get done were hemming the bottom and adding a bustle. And for some reason, over the years, dresses with spectacular backs have been my thing so of course my wedding dress had to have a gorgeous back too. My mom helped me get it on and those are some of my absolute favorite photos from the wedding.


0089_WrightHolt_WED_GBPhoto_201606050067_WrightHolt_WED_GBPhoto_20160605-2And last but not least, I put on my (Harry Potter) garter! One of my bridesmaids got it for me and of course I had to wear it – even though it was not shared publicly because we didn’t do a garter toss. Still loved this touch though.




  1. Oooh I didn’t think about getting a garter, even though we’re not doing a garter toss–I might do it anyway! And your dress is SO incredibly gorgeous!!


    • It wasn’t even on my radar until my bridesmaid pulled it out as a gift at my bachelorette! But I’m so glad I did have it 🙂 Thank you love!! I can’t wait to see your beautiful dress!

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  2. My jaw is dropped. HOLY beautiful dress! It’s so stunning…that first pictures is honestly one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately my Mom wasn’t able to be with me in person at our wedding so those pictures of you with yours made me tear up. So sweet! We didn’t do a garter toss either…but I still wore one too! I love that! Beautiful post!


  3. rhoffnagle says

    I absolutely adore your dress! Mine is actually very similar so that’s probably why hehe. Love that we have the same taste!


  4. The dress is absolutely beautiful! the lace top and back is just incredible! I didn’t do a garter toss either but took a few photos with a garter similar to yours for my husband!


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