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Wedding Guest Must Haves

We’re in the middle of wedding seasons #2 right now and I’m two weddings down and one to go before the end of the year. I thought this would be the perfect time to share some of my favorite wedding must haves as I complete the wedding circuit.

This list could include many items, from flats to lip gloss, but I chose to stick with the very basics and have compiled a list of three wedding essentials. Let’s jump right in.


Evian facial spray! This is a wonderful all-purpose little can of goodness. I use it in the mornings before weddings to help hydrate my skin and reapply during weddings to give my makeup a little boost. It’s small enough to fit in my purse which makes it extra convenient. You can find more info here. I’m always wary of facial mists and anything that isn’t specifically made for oily skin, because that’s one of my biggest skin issues, but this spray was light enough to not cause any excess shine and only enhanced my makeup. I’d call that a win.


FatFighter! I don’t know what it is about wedding food but I can never seem to get enough (the fact that it’s technically free never hurts). Although that can often lead to disastrous results for my diet, especially when I have several back to back weddings. This is when I pull out my secret weapon – this diet supplement helps to block some of the fat and carbs of my heaviest meal of the day which saves me a lot of guilt and gym time.


And last but not least:

Tissues! Weddings have always been a time when I’ve been prone to water works and it’s even worse now that I’m married and have wonderful flashbacks to my own wedding day. This means that I am in constant need of tissues from the walk down the aisle to the father/daughter dances. I mean…do some people actually manage to not cry? And of course you get bonus points if your tissues feature the characters from Frozen.


What are some of your other most basic wedding must haves?? I’d love to hear below.

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