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The First Look

I’m back!! Blogging has been really difficult to fit into our crazy schedules between Carson’s work (seriously, he got home from work at 5am the other day and was up at 9am again) and my classes and graduate assistantship but I’m here and I want to share all about our first look today.

We chose to do something slightly different for our first look because before I saw Carson I had a first look with my dad. This was something that was really important to me because I feel like I’m equal parts a daddy’s girl and a momma’s girl. I even considered having both of my parents walk me down the aisle but in the end I decided that the aisle would be too squished and that we didn’t walk to take away the importance of the moment from pop.



Had to help him with his tie!



And it was time for first look round number 2!



Had to admire my wonderful wedding gift

I’m so glad that we were able to do a first look because it was nice to get that first moment alone together and have a few minutes to relax before craziness ensued. Did you do a first look?

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